Pabile Po ng

About Us

Pabilepo.ph provides an online community marketplace for individuals and entreprenuers particularly those based in the Philippines. The term “Pabilepo” was derived from a common Filipino sentence “ Pabili po.” used by locals when calling the owner or staff of a sari-sari store (kiosk or small retail shop for daily goods). Similar to a sari-sari store, Pabilepo.ph is a digital classified ads that offers a variety of products and services.

Our Clientele
Our company caters to (but not limited to) the following clientele:
  • Individuals who wish to sell their personal, pre-loved belongings such as cars, bags, books, furnittures, and clothes;
  • Entrepreneurs who want to sell their products and crafts;
  • Freelance experts who would like to share their expertise, and talents online; and
  • Buyers and enthusiasts who are looking for quality yet reasonably-priced goods and services without the hassle of leaving their homes or workplace.

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Why Register as a Member?
Searching for ads on our website and transacting with a certain seller can be even if you sign in as a guest. However, registering as a member would give you the following benefits:
  • You can manage, filter, revise, and save the data on your page based on your preferences.
  • You do not need to enter your personal information everytime you sign in or use our website. This would help you protect your personal information from being hacked especially if you are using a public computer.
  • We can send you special promos and fresh ads based on your preference.

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