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Why I should register as a member?

Browsing the ads posted on our website can be done even as a guest. However if you want to maintain certain preferences when browsing our website, you need to register as a member.

If you want to post an ad to market a product or service, registering as a member is a requirement. Only registered and verified members can post their ads on our website.

To register as a member, please click here.

What type of membership should I choose?

Members of PABILEPO are classified as follows:

BUYERS - individuals and enthusiasts who are searching for certain product or service online. Registered buyers have the option to modify and store their search fields based on their preferences. They also have access to information about latest posts, special promos, and updates.

SELLERS - individuals and entrepreneurs who wish to market their pre-loved belongings; products and crafts; expertise; and services. Unlike Buyers, registration to become a SELLER on our website needs to be verified by our management team. Supporting documents such as a copy of their valid IDs may be requested for use to confirm the reliability of the SELLER.

Can I post an ad even if I registered as a BUYER?

No. Only registered and verified members who applied as SELLER can post an ad. If you registered as a BUYER and then later on decided to become a SELLER, you need to submit a written application to our Support Team indicating such request.

Do I need to pay for my membership?

No. Creating and Mantaining a PABILEPO account is free of charge. However, applying for a SELLER account is subject for verification by our management team.

Is there an expiration of my membership?

There is no definite expiration date for membership. However, please note that if an account has been inactive for more than (6) months since the last log in, it may be put on hold or inaccessible by our management team after no response from the member despite several notfication attempts. Should you decide to close the account, please send an email to our support team requesting for the deletion of the account.

How can I post an ad on PABILEPO website?

Posting an ad on PABILEPO is easy. We designed our system to be user-friendly and easy to understand so that members can post an ad even without supervision from a technical expert. Please note, however, that your membership status must be a VERIFIED SELLER for you to be able to post an ad.

Here is an easy step-by-step procedure when creating an ad post:

1. On your account page, click the Post an Ad to start creating your ad post.
2. Fill out the fields in the Sell Form. Make sure that you have the necessary information on hand as you create your ad post. Include consice yet accurate description of the item or service you want to advertise to help you and the buyers have a clear idea of the said product or service.
3. Add photos of the product or service. It is advisable that you put a clear photo of the product or service that you want to market as reference for the buyers.
4. Agree for processing of the data.
5.Review the contents of your ad. When you feel like you are ready to publish the ad, click the Sumbit button. Your ad will be posted after a few minutes.

Please refer to our Guidelines When Posting An Ad.

How many ads can I post?

Posting ads of different products or services are allowed. However, only one ad per item or service is allowed.

How much do I need to pay for posting an ad?

Posting an ad at PABILEPO is free. You can post as many ads as you want without paying for a single cent. However, please note that we may put some third party banner ads on your ad post as our way of earning some income. Rest assured that they will not be in conflict or competing with your actual ad.

Why was my ad returned for revision?

Although you can immediately see your post after you hit the Sumbit button, it is still subject for review by our management team. The ad post may be returned if there are some contents that need to change or revise. If this happens, you will receive an email notification from our management team explaining why and what part of your ad post needs revision. It is recommended that you comply with the comments and suggestions for us to allow you to re-publish the ad.

What if I did not revise my ad based on the comments and suggestions given by PABILEPO team?

Your ad will be put on hold until such revisions were undertaken. If there would be no action from your side for at least three months after we sent out the email notification, the ad will be deleted.

Why is my ad deleted?

There would be a few reasons why our management team would delete an ad without prior notice:

1. No revisions have been made to the ad post for at least three months after our management team has returned the ad post to the member for revision.
2. The member requested for the deletion of his/her membership account.
3. The ad post contains information that violates PABILEPO Terms of Use and other related policies.

Can I update my ad?

Yes. Our system enables you to manage and modify your ad post at your convenience. It is highly recommended that you update your ad post from time to time to provide reliable information to the buyers. If you are selling a product with more than two items, it is recommended that you regularly update the number of units available. Similarly if you are offering a service, it would be helpful if you can update the time and dates of your availability.

What products or services are not allowed to post?

Although PABILEPO welcomes the diversity of products and services offered online, the following products and services are not allowed to be posted:

  • Activities that may lead or initiate prostitution, human trafficking, or related incidents
  • Assitance to securing different kinds of business and government IDs, licenses, and documents
  • Recruitment of staff or members for businesses related to pyramiding or mulit-level marketing (MLM)
  • Unlocking/hacking of patented devices or gadgets such as computers and smartphones
  • Social media likes, commentors, and followers
  • Matching and dating services
  • Child and baby adoption
  • Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) and high yield investments program
  • Unauthorized medical and diet procedures
  • Astrological readings like tarot or fortune telling
  • Pawning or cash loan services
  • Unauthorized reproduction and distribution of printed and media products as well as patented or copyrighted items
  • Assitance to credit card applications, visa processings, and scholarship applications.
  • Activities that may lead or initiate selling or distribution of illegal drugs
  • Services that may promote or has reference to any illegal or criminal activity
  • Current currency, bills, or coins from all countries
  • All forms of virtual currencies such as PayPal and reward coins
  • Online codes and passwords especially for illegally produced media products e-magazines, movies, mp3s, eBooks, games, computer softwares, etc.
  • Adult toys, movies, sex-drive enhancements, and other related items
  • Alcohol, wine cigarettes, and tobacco
  • Love potion and other non-scientifically proven concoctions
  • Over-the-counter drugs, prescrioption medecines, unregistered drugs, slimming or diet products, drugs promoting abortion or any form of steroidal drugs, and prohibited drugs like marijuana, etc.
  • Animals and plants that are classified as endangered or included in the Wildlife Resources Conservation and Protection Act of the Philippines
  • Human parts and remains including blood and bodily fluids
  • Substances or units of guns, ammunition, fireworks, explosives, and other related items
  • Stolen items
  • Telecom company modems/routers, signal jammers or booster
  • Do-it-yourself beauty enhancement tools and pills (braces for the teeth, for breast enlargement, skin whitening, hair straightening, etc)
  • Hazardous or toxic chemical products such as insecticides and pesticides
  • Used undergarments
  • Online game and peer-to-peer accounts inclduing private servers
  • Smuggled goods and replicas, imitations, or copies of orginal items
  • Unlicensed copies of printed and media publications
Where can I see my ads?

You can see the list of all your ad posts including those subject for revision on your account page when you log in on PABILEPO.PH.

How to deactivate my ad?

You can deactivate your ad or permanently delete it by clicking the Deactivate button on your ad post.

How can I buy from PABILEPO.PH?

PABILEPO is an onlie classfied ad. We provide a venue for individuals to market their products or services and do not have the actual items on hand. Please note that when you browse the online market page of PABILEPO, you will have access to an array of posts from our members who have SELLER accounts.

Through our Online Market, you can browse for latest products or services; search for a particular item; and compare products and services based on your preferred price range, proximity to your area, and availability. For every ad post, the contact information of the seller is also provided. It is your responsibility to directly coordinate and negotiate with the buyer using the provided contact information.

How can I avoid being scammed?

Although SELLER accounts are verified by our Management Team prior to the posting of an ad, we cannot guarantee the personality or conduct of our sellers. Here are some tips to avoid being scammed or tricked when buying online.

1. Do not deal with a seller who provide minimal information about an item and asks advance payments.
2. Deal with sellers whom who can meet personally and would agree to meet up if necessary.
3. Ask for Cash-on-Delivery options so that you can check the items beforehand.
4. Know the reason for selling and the condition of the item.
5. Ask for actual photos especially for second-hand products. If you are availing a service, ask for a portfolio or list of previous works if available.
6. Negotiate for a return or exchange options should the item be non-functioning or damaged when delivered to you.

Will PABILEPO help me with logistics and delivery?

No. PABILEPO only provides the platform for you to be able to post an ad online for free. We may help promoting your product by featuring your ad on our website and other social media accounts. Please note that coordination with potential buyers as well as the necessary logistics such as arranging for meet up, collecting of payment, and delivery of goods are your sole responsibility.

Guide on Posting an Ad

1. Choose a concise yet catchy title for your product or service.
2. Provide the detailed specification of the item such as dimensions, weight, color, number of unites available.
3. Choose a category that would best fit for the product.
4. Provide the actual condition of the prodcut.
5. Provide a concise description that ideally includes a brief specification of the item/service, your reason for selling, payment method, and your preferred meet-up locations. If there are two or more units for a certain product, it is recommended that you also include how many one person can buy per transaction. For services, it is advisable that you include the day and time of your availability as well as your preferred location.
6. Include the selling price and note if you would give discounts for bulk orders or a group price.


1. We accept JPEG (.jpg9), TIFF (.tif), or GIF (.gif) file formats. JPEG is highly preferred.
2. The photo must be filled with at least 85% of the featured product item.
3. Images should be clear and of good resolution and should be atleast 1000 pixels in height or width.
4. Photos should be the actual photos of the item. If it is brand new items that are still sealed, you can use photos from other sources.
5. Photo must focus on one particular item. It is advisable that the background be in light or pale color (white or light gray if possible) so as not to overpower the main item.
6. Photo should not contain URLs/links, email addresses, price, or uncessary texts except for watermarks. However, please make sure that the watermark does not compromise the quality of the actual product’s image.
7. Upload 2-3 photos of the item in different angles. This would give a better visual description of the item’s actual conditions which can help the buyers. 8. For services, add photos in action to give the buyers some idea of the service you are promoting.
9. Images of live models promoting underagrments, swimwears, or wearing sheer products can be permitted as long as it does not provoke nudity, exposure of genetalia, sex, and prostitution.
10. Separate photos can be added for items with more than one color or type of material.