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Terms of Services

Cheers and Welcome! We are so glad that you join PABILEPO.PH. Before signing up for an account, please read these Terms carefully. This is a legal agreement. PABILEPO is an online community marketplace offered through the URL www.pabilepo.ph (referred to as the Website) which allows you to market your goods and services; procure from our online shop; and other information provided in the website. By signing in the registration form and agreeing in these Terms, you are considered as a Member (referred to as you). As website managers (referred to as “We”), we would like to make sure that you understand and follow our house rules.

These Terms of Use (Terms including our Seller Policy, Private Policy, and Buyers Agreement Policy) define the terms and conditions under which you are allowed to use Pabilepo.ph and how we will treat you account while you are a Member. For queries about our terms, feel free to contact us.

1. Eligibility
  • To qualify as member of Pabilepo.ph, you must:
  • be at least eighteen (18) years old and able to enter into contracts;
  • complete the registration process;
  • agree to these Terms; and
  • provide true, complete, and up to date contact information.
  • By signing in as a Member of Pabilepo.ph, you represent and warrant that you meet all the requirements listed above, and that you won’t use our company and the website in a way that violates any laws or regulations. (Representing and warranting is like making a legally enforceable promise.) We may refuse service, close accounts of any users, and change eligibility requirements at any time.
2. Term

If you want to sign up as a “Buyer” only, the term begins when you sign up for Pabilepo.ph and continues as long as you access the Website. Clicking the button and entering your username means that you have officially “signed” the Terms.

However, if you are interested to market your goods and services, signing up as a “Seller”, your application for membership will be subject for approval of the Website managers. Thus, your term as Seller will only begin once your application has been approved.

Please note that at the moment we do not offer corporate accounts for business companies. Hence, if you want to sell on behalf of a company or other entity, you represent and warrant that you have the authority to accept these Terms on their behalf. Your account on our website will be treated as personal and will not be treated as corporate.

3. Account Termination

You or Pabilepo.ph may terminate this Agreement at any time and for any reason by giving Notice to the other party. We may suspend your access to the Website at any time, with or without cause. If there’s cause, like a violation of these Terms or our Seller Policy, Private Policy, and Buyers Agreement Policy. Once terminated, we may permanently delete your account and all the data associated with it. If you don’t log in to your account for six (6) or more months, we may treat your account as “inactive” and permanently delete the account and all the data associated with it.

4. Updates and Changes

Pabilepo.ph may change any of the Terms by posting revised Terms of Use on our Website and/or by sending an email to the last email address you provided us. Unless you terminate your account within ten (10) days, the new Terms will be effective immediately and apply to any continued or new use of Pabilepo.ph. We may update the Website or any of its features at any time.

5. Account and Password

As a Member, keeping your account name and password confidential would be your responsibility. Likewise, you are also responsible for any account that you have access to, whether or not you authorized the use. You will immediately notify us of any unauthorized use of your accounts. However, we are not responsible for any losses due to stolen or hacked passwords. We don’t have access to your current password, and for security reasons, we may only reset your password. One person is only allowed to have one account regardless if you have multiple email addresses. A valid identification will be requested to ensure the legitimacy of that account.

6. Account Disputes

We do not take responsibility to arbitrate disputes over who owns an account since we are not directly involve in the operations of your organization or not fully aware of the nature of your personal relationships. You wont request access to any information of accounts that you do not own. Should there be disputes with other members, you will directly resolve it with the other party.

7. Billing Charges

Posting an ad on our website is free of charge. However, we may post banner ads on the website as Company’s means of earning some income. Please note also that delivery and other logistics costs related to selling your product/s or service/s will be your full responsibility. We will not be respobsible to any damage, loss, failed transactions that may occur outside the Website.

8. Proprietary Rights of Pabilepo.ph

As a member, you shall respect our propriety rights in the Website, its content, and the software used in order to operate Pabilepo.ph. These would include the website’s logo, service marks, policies, and copyrights. You may only use our brand assets upon securing an approval for request to post to other media.

9. Propriety Rights as a Registered Member

As a member, you represent and guarantee that you either own or have permission to use all the details you provide in your account. For sellers, you retain ownership of the materials that you upload in order to market your goods and/or services. We may use or disclose your materials only in accordance to these Terms and our Private Policy.

10. Private Policy.

Information and related materials provided and upload on the Website may be used or disclosed by us, the website managers, in accordance to these Terms and our Private Policy.

11. You promise to abide to these rules:
  • You wont use Pabilepo.ph and the website for negative publicity.
  • You wont post any material or statement that would give negative impact to Pabilepo.ph.
  • You wont purchase, rent, or hire third party users.
  • You will strictly follow what is in these Terms and other policies stated on our website.

If we confirmed that you validate any of the above rules, we may suspend or terminate your account.


12. Posting an ad on our website is free of charge. You will also have the freedom to moderate your post based on your preference. However, we may disallow or remove your ad without prior notice if any of the following occur:

  • It it does not conform or has the tendency to violate any of the guidelines and rules provided on our website especially the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. We may, however, return your ad for revision to make it compliant.
  • Duplicates of an ad you have already posted. You are only allowed to post one ad per product or service. Posting an ad with similar contents from your previous ad will also be deleted. However, you may revise or update an ad you have previoulsy posted when necessary.
  • An ad was posted under a wrong category. We the right to review and replace the category or classification of the ad for effective data management.
  • Violation of Intellectual Property Rights of any product or service of any third party especially counterfiet goods, fake replicas, and unauthorized or unlicensed merchandise.
  • Your ad contains misleading or false information such as incorrect pricing or exaggerated benefits.
  • Your ad contains adult or sexual materials that may promote gratitious sex and pornography, as well as exposure of genetalia.
  • The ad depicts excessive violence including racist or hateful comments; negative attack against ad posted by other members; and foul, offensive, or improper language.
  • The product or service promoted endorses or has reference to any illegal material or activity

13. Before placing an ad, you must ensure that the product comply with all the necessary registrations and licensing requirements under applicable laws especially in the Philippines. Examples of such laws are:

  • Republic Act No. 9147 requiring the advertisement and selling of animals must be licensed by the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR).
  • Guidelines on Pricing and Selling Medicines approved by the Bureau of Food and Drug (BFAD) as detailed in Republic Act No. 9502.
  • Printing, reprinting, publication, and content development of books or textbooks must conform with the provisions of the Republic Act No. 8047.

14. The Website only provides the platform for posting an ad for a product or service. Please note that actual business transactions is at full responsibility and discretion of both the seller and buyer. We will not be held responsible for any loss, damage, failed transaction, or any negative incident that may occur between a seller and a buyer.

15. We also do not provide logistics or assistance during procurement of any product or service. This should be arranged either by the seller or buyer or both depending on their agreements.